Bloomingdale’s speaks to sports fans with NBA campaign

"This NBA-themed event is a great way for Bloomingdale's to get some press outside of their core demographics," said Gustavo Gomez, director of research and methodology at Envirosell, New York.

"They will benefit from the attracting a younger customer base than the typical Bloomingdale's customer," he said. "Add James Harden to the equations and Bloomingdale's connects with a great athlete that is a leader on and off the field, plus the halo effect of the beard.

"Bloomingdale's is expecting to attract a younger and male consumer base. They are looking to stretch the brand image beyond women.

"They want to attract the male urbanista, as well as those looking for the professional look with a better fit. Basically, the message is, 'It's not your dad's men's suit department anymore.'"