Pick My Brain - Consultative Services

Have a team or enough expertise but just need an outsider's point of view? Do you need a brainstorming partner for strategic or tactical business decisions? Need an ear to listen to an idea? I am here to help. With over 20 years of research experience and over 16 years of market research experience focused on branding, retail, and consumer behavior, I can be a valuable asset to your organization either project by project or on retainer. 

Primary Research

From surveys to in-depth interviews to ethnographic works, my experience with all types of qualitative and quantitative research can be a valuable asset to your project. I will conduct and interpret the research. There is no data dump here (unless you want that, but I'll provide my 2 cents). You get deep insights based on research and not just "insights" based on who knows what. 

Secondary and Desk Research 

If you hired a company that is strong on data collection but weak on insights and now you are left with data, charts, and transcripts, without any guidance as to what it all means, then I am here to help.  I'll take a look at the research and provide and help you interpret the findings. I will work with your team and the data collectors to get an understanding of the data and provide you with insights with which you can use in your organization.

I also provide desk research and social media analysis. From branding questions to market and competitive analysis, knowing what is out on the Internat and social media about your business, competition, and customer emotions toward your brand and perception about your brand are the first steps in going on the offensive or tackling a problem.  I will work with your team to get the most relevant information for your business needs. 

All these services are available in Spanish as well for the U.S. Spanish speaking market, the Latin American market and the Spain market.