Pizza, the park, and spring in NYC

It has been a tough beginning to spring in New York City.  The temperature is cold and rainy; there is even a chance of flurries for tomorrow (April 1st).  A few weeks back, still in winter, we had a week of just beautiful weather- mid 60′s, clear skies, sunny.  I am not one of those that usually takes a full lunch hour during work, but on that Friday, the yearning for spring made me take a walk during my lunch hour.   I walked over to Eataly and got myself some focaccia pizza.  Not being able to find a seat in Eataly, I crossed the street to Madison Square Park and found a spot on a bench and sat down.

The park was jumping.  You would have thought it was a summer’s day.  The dog run was full, and the benches packed.  The line at the Shake Shack was as long as it would normally be in the summer.  There was Frisbee playing, breast feeding, lunch hour gossiping and three people doing Tai Chi.  I opened my bag and slowly enjoyed my pizza and enjoyed one of the best NYC past times – people watching.  Being a fast eater by nature, I recall consciously eating slow and enjoying the moment.  This is NYC at it’s best, good street eating food and good parks to eat it in while you watch people go about their day.  The people you watch are both mundane and fascinating at the same time.  It is one of those ordinary things in daily life that makes life so wonderful.

Eataly Go to the bakery or the focaccia area

Madison Square Park A spot near the Shake Shack by the sand is a great people-watching spot

Shake Shack Yea hard to comprehend the wait, but you just have to try it.

Originally posted on 2011 on old blog.  Imported May 2013